Minimum Wage: Sanders Vs. Trump

Trump and Sanders recently battled over the minimum wage.

Trump argued the minimum wage is overhigh. Sanders of course wants a higher minimum wage. And both want a higher market wage.

However post-Ron Unz revolution, I’d hoped by now everyone on the Right would also be calling for a higher minimum wage, not only a higher market wage.

As a rule, to accomplish a right-wing goal, frequently the opposite of what is perceived as the right-wing means is needed to accomplish that goal. And frequently the culprit behind this confusion is neo-liberalism. The minimum wage issue is no different.

In an ideal utopia, conservatives are in agreement with neo-liberals: There would be no minimum wage. However, we do not live in utopia.

The minimum-wage-as-right-wing argument is somewhat cutting-edge and new. VDARE and Steve Sailer got behind it early on, but the concept is still sweeping the right-wing, still waking people up.

The minimum wage argument is in part that unskilled workers flood into the US to undercut American workers, drive down wages. If we set a high minimum wage, then there’d be reduced incentive to lower the market wage via immigration, because the minimum wage would create a lower boundary. The minimum wage would create unemployment, but that could encourage Americans to actually defend their interests, demand for example that e-verify be enforced so that employers mayn’t hire illegals. It could be made legal to pay teenagers less to encourage their employment. Unemployed Americans might also stand with unions and demand that something, anything, be made again in the US. India worries about the Indian trade deficit due to gold imports; why don’t Americans speak up about their own massive trade deficit? As Paul Craig Roberts warned (paraphrasing), “A first world society requires first world jobs.”

Note: Both Ron Unz and Donald Trump tend to want high quality immigrants (mostly Asians) who will make much more than minimum wage, undercutting American workers but also relieving labour bottlenecks in the economy. So, they are not taking the numbersUSA position of plainly reducing overall immigration numbers as low as possible.

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