George Will, a Phony Conservative, Attempts to Gatekeep Conservatism

George will has his panties in a wad over Donald Trump and attempts to protect the integrity of conservatism as he sees it in this rant. Who does George Will think he is fooling acting as the defender of conservatism? Sam Francis had this pretender’s number 30 years ago. (Sorry for the odd spacing, but the original sources was in columns so that’s how it pasted.)

Although Will is sometimes called a
“neo-conservative,” he is not one. Neoconservatives
typically derive more or
less conservative policy positions from essentially
liberal premises. Will in fact does
the opposite: he derives from more or less
unexceptionable premises of classical
conservatism policy positions that are
often congruent with the current liberal
agenda. It is because he accepts, and
wants to be accepted by, the “achievements”
of modem liberalism that he ignores
or sneers at the serious conservative
thinkers and leaders of our time who
have sought to break liberal idols and that
he voices no criticism of the powers that
support liberalism. It is therefore not surprising
that his commentary is welcomed
in and rewarded by liberal power centers.
They have little to fear from him and his
ideas and much to gain if his version of
“conservatism” should gain currency. He
enjoys every prospect of a bright future in
their company. ~ Sam Francis, Modern Age, Spring 1986

4 thoughts on “George Will, a Phony Conservative, Attempts to Gatekeep Conservatism

    1. weavercht


      most of these heritage / conservative types can kiss my colonial British arse.

      They don’t serve our interests. They’re talking snakes, demagogues who use heritage arguments to beat us into accepting unwanted positions. Or, conversely, they aim to divide Americans when, in many cases, we have common interest in opposing the oligarchs of this land.

      What I got out of some of the Agrarians is the South was a wonderful place *in spite of* our English individualism, not because of it. Man is a social being, and the South was uniquely human amidst the many colonial English societies.

      I’m very English… in a sense, but I am sick to death of being attacked with my own heritage. My goal has always been to serve Southern Americans and others I’m more distantly attached to. And yet, repeatedly I’m told how unSouthern I am for doing so, that a true Southerner would sell his own people down the river.



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