Rough Ideas on How to Cut Healthcare Costs

Nationalized health care is all the rage nowadays, seems to have become all but a certainty.

However, I’d like to propose how costs might be cut to make healthcare more affordable in the free market.

Firstly, the US needs more doctors, which would lower their pay. Since the US is today very centralised, I suggest the US federal government build medical schools and subsidise tuition. In other areas, the federal government should largely get out of education, but that’s another topic.

Secondly, doctors suffer under malpractice insurance. While doctors should be liable for malpractice, most juries struggle to understand medical cases. So, a solution might be to fill malpractice trials with juries of medical doctors and professors. If necessary, these doctors could be from another area, to prevent bias.

Thirdly, drug companies. Americans are currently charged more than the rest of the world for drugs. Perhaps this is unfair. Bernie Sanders has been preaching on this, and I believe he’s the Ron Paul of the Democrats, worth listening to even if ultimately disagreeing.

Fourthly, Obamacare is inefficient and insecure. Medical records are to be digitised, transferred online, a security risk; and unnecessary regulations have been added to hospitals and doctors. Small practices have frequently joined hospitals to afford the new costs, reducing this segment of small business.

I agree with many on the so-called political Left that Wall Street is looting America, but I believe it would be better to thusly lower medical costs than to socialise healthcare. What America needs is higher wages and more jobs, not socialised healthcare.

1 thought on “Rough Ideas on How to Cut Healthcare Costs

  1. roho


    You have some good ideas and it is a very complex subject requiring the many parts be fixed.

    1. The AMA is the most powerful union/non union in the U.S.

    2. Large Healthcare Groups like Daughters Of Charity and Humana are tied to Wall Street.

    3. Big Pharma is in the snafu.

    4. Any industry that names it’s customers clients, patients, etc, is corrupt.

    5. Our $600 Billion Defense Budget protects the world while they have great health care.



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