All 150 Republicans Who Voted for #OmnibusBill Should be Primaried

What is desperately needed is an organization entirely dedicated to recruiting, training and funding Republican primary challengers. Even if most don’t win, no incumbent wants to deal with a primary challenger. Republican incumbents must pay a price for their perfidy if anything is going to change.

12 thoughts on “All 150 Republicans Who Voted for #OmnibusBill Should be Primaried

  1. roho

    The Roll Call is telling!………..Notice Rubio’s camp advised him to miss another vote?

    Our Two Party system is nothing more than Two Different Departments working for the same Wall Street Corporation………It is what it is……A return to NOBLES, but without a monarchy. Regardless of party, most all fall in line to support their doner base, and collect their checks. No plans to ever return to their original homes, anchored in DC to ride it out becoming a millionare prior to retiring. Then a lucrative job as a recruiter making more than they ever made as a so called “Civil Servant”!

    Sen. Jeff Sessions (AL.)………..Spoke harshly against them on the senate floor. (No wonder he introduced TRUMP to 35,000 waiting voters in Mobile Al.)

    Sessions: Omnibus Explains Why ‘Voters Are In Open Rebellion’

    If it don’t post you can google it.


    1. weavercht

      Aristotle made it clear that aristocracy is distinguished from [plutocracy] by how it serves the interests of the whole and is composed of the best of society.

      What we suffer under is an extreme plutocracy, with no redeeming aristocratic traits. There is nothing “better” about our elites, and they do not put the interests of the whole first.

      In the South, our planter class elite was better than this. No, I don’t think planters were perfect, but they weren’t like this.


      1. frustrated

        The Planter class wasn’t like the old feudal European aristocrats who held their own people in serfdom and claimed special privileges. America always had equality before the law for white citizens. We always valued merit as well and the Planters were never a closed class. So the Planters were certainly better than the old feudal aristocrats, but they still used black slavery out of greed and created the racial problem. I would rather have a poor homogeneous country than a rich alien nation.

        I don’t believe that the people who naturally take power in any society are the most noble. Maybe the most intelligent, ambitious, and selfish, but usually not the most noble. I also don’t see any way for us to play God and judge the hearts of men in order to select righteous aristocrats to rule over us.

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      2. weavercht


        I like your comment. I would like to find more information on what a true aristocracy might look like in modern times. I might post what I do have currently here a bit later.

        It is admittedly easier to argue against democracy than to argue for aristocracy.


  2. roho

    Believing that Paul Ryan out of Wisconsin was a true conservative, was a long shot?………Never before?………..I suspect, like NIXON, he is bitter that more Americans did not see him and Romney as the perfect ticket? (Now, it’s get all you can get!)

    As the old saying goes:

    Get all you can.
    Can all you get.
    Sit on the lid.
    And poison the rest.

    The Beltway has become nothing more than an institution to show up poor, and leave a millionare……………………..Regardless how the wind blows.


    1. weavercht


      I dunno much about the guy, but I remember his declaring himself a “Randian”. And there is no worse group of people.

      So, to me I suspect he’s another example of the failure and stupidity of the American Right. Why so many purportedly “right-wing” groups continue to recommend Atlas Shrugged is a mystery.

      We seem to have two options: Go through the universities to become a Marxist or at least secular humanist. Or, go through the right-wing institutions to become a Libertarian. There are few options though for becoming a conservative intellectual. In this bizarro world, the people preaching “greed is good” are labeled “conservatives”… And love for nation is declared “hatred”. Nice guys are supposed to become socialists/globalists. It is truly bizarre; truly upside-down. In truth, it is nationalists who are the nice guys, who love something.


      1. Richard Channing

        I myself am no Randian but I think Paul Ryan mistakenly declared himself Randian. I don’t think he has the slightest idea what Randian means.

        A couple weeks ago he got on TV to tell us what was and wasn’t conservatism. Again, I don’t think he has the foggiest clue what is or isn’t conservatism.

        In addition to being a corporate beltway tool, I think he is a simpleton. After all, this is a guy who got creamed in a debate by Joe Biden of all people.

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  3. roho

    A bit off subject, but I love what Putin does at Christmas?

    Instead of celebrating Christmas at the Kremlin with dignataries, high ranking officials, etc, he secretly flies into a small Russian community to celebrate with the children. He’s very secretive about his real daughters, his former wife, and mistress. Where he is going is one of the best kept State Secrets each year. (I suspect that this is for family safety?)


  4. roho

    I suspect that Ryan is not an ideology guy?………….He would not know a neoconservative from a paleoconservative?

    He simply pursues wealth and power in the GOP.



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