Moulding a New Duality – Against ISIS?

When Raimondo, the Rothbardian libertarian, calls for “quarantine”; the situation is serious.

Raimondo writes:

Let the savages of the Middle East stew in their own blood-soaked juice. Let us shore up our defenses, and treat ISIS as we would an outbreak of bubonic plague: by quarantining the entire region. Our answer to the War Party must be unafraid and unequivocal: No, not now, not ever again!

Wow! And he’s absolutely right. In fact, I believe Raimondo is always right when it comes to foreign affairs. Domestic affairs, are another topic (so his reputation isn’t tainted with my views).

This “invade-the-world invite-the-world” policy of flooding our lands with the former inhabitants of the very societies we bomb is a recipe for creating domestic terrorism. Which side of the “War on Terror” are our governments on?

I’m no political expert like Raimondo, but from what I’ve seen the greatest damage to the West has been from these dualities. We’re told to pick a side, Republican or Democrat, Capitalist or Socialist, White Supremacist or Anti-white Globalist, and so forth.

There’s never a place for thought. We’re told to grow angry and to pick a side. Any who do otherwise are labeled derisively as “moderate” or “less principled”. Yet, the conservative is supposed to be prudent and to draw his position from First Things: particular ties, faith, duty.

And so, I fear we’re headed for a new duality: Islamism vs. Secular Humanism. For myself, I’m going to remain a paleoconservative. I say to end the conflict, remove troops and bases from the Middle East, and expel all Muslims from Western lands. And to strengthen the West, there’s need for a return to Christ and a return to tradition and heritage. Since such a position fits into neither side of the duality, I expect I’ll be labeled yet again with “moderate” status.

The positive of being such an outcast is the paleo is equally unwelcomed in both camps and can often enter to make destabilising arguments. It’s frequently the case that, from the paleo perspective, both sides share many similarities. For example, the term “libertarian-socialist” is now a thing within paleodom. And just as ISIS destroys archaeological treasures and national ties, the secular humanist would also like to destroy such “irrational” and “backward” remnants, to make way for a “rational” “progressive” future. Perhaps the term “secular humanist-Islamist” will become a thing.

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