Syrian Refugees as Economic Stimulus

Often the “Right” portrays Western decline as a crisis of altruism, “pathological altruism” is the favoured term. In a related theme, it highlights welfare benefits for attracting immigrants and creating demand for foreign workers to support an aging welfare state.

However, this same “Right” doesn’t want seen how foreign workers are desired as a source of cheap labour, thus profit, and a driver of economic growth and demand for assets such as land. This is to say, investors desire foreign workers. It is not simply a conspiracy of “socialists” that brings in immigrants. Immigrants could not flood our societies if truly unwanted.

Case in point, Forbes:

Among the refugees attempting to get in are the remnants of Syria’s middle class: doctors, engineers, and teachers fleeing Assad’s barrel bombs in Aleppo, or the reign of terror ushered in by the Islamic State. They bring vitality and opportunity to an aging European continent that badly needs it.

“It is also a resource—a human resource,” Moscovici said. “Our countries need migration … the economic impact should not just be looked at in a negative way as populists would have it.”

The short-term costs are manageable, while the long-term benefits are potentially substantial. Migrants are, generally, a boon to labor markets. Moreover, they pay out more to the state than they take in services, according to separate pieces of research by the OECD and the Centre for European Economic Research.

Increased diversity also undermines national divides, thus leading to a more united EU, which carries economic benefits of scale.

This by Forbes is just one of a number of economic articles that have been released in support of Syrian refugees. There have also been similar articles on immigration into the USA.

I personally blame the “Right” for misleading readers with ideology and general sophistry.

Update: If it wasn’t clear, I’m arguing against Syrian immigration but blaming selfishness and pathological greed for bringing them into Europe. Sure, pathological altruism and the welfare state deserve blame, but it is a mistake to give them exclusive blame.

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