Trump in Trouble?

Donald Trump recently made an ostensibly unpopular proposal that America’s illegal population should be deported, as was done under Eisenhower.

It made me think of a NumbersUSA solution point: “Enforce the laws already on the books”, and many illegals will return home voluntarily.

Couldn’t Trump win popular support by calling for the enforcement of laws already on the books? By enforcing the law, illegals would find employment difficult, thus having to return home. Employers would then need to *gasp* obey the law like the rest of us and hire legal workers. Market wages would be pressured higher.

Trump 2016: Bring Troops Home. Bring Jobs Home. Enforce Immigration Laws. End ZIRP.

2 thoughts on “Trump in Trouble?

  1. roho

    I love it!…………………….Love it!

    It ain’t complicated?………………You load big barges with 100’s of deportees strapped to their short term gulf seats coming out of lower Texas Ports. (Nice weather days).

    You shove them aground in Cancun and other Mexican Resorts with the attitude, “KEEP THE BARGE!”

    Those left behind in the US PRISON SYSTEM get to build the WALL!……….That’s right!……A Prison on the border with INMATES laying brick, and a two lane highway down the top of it.

    Real US PRISONERS are loving the new PRISONS with NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in them, as the ILLEGALS have been shipped off to the BORDER!

    WORK, WORK, WORK, until the WALL is built?……………Return illegally, and your time on the WALL is DOUBLED!………………Oh yea!

    Anyone in the Mexican Government that Bitches get’s replaced!!!!!!


    1. weavercht Post author

      I don’t have issue with what you say. I just want to get Trump elected.

      Remember what was done to Pat Buchanan. He merely suggested a border fence, and for that he was painted as “extreme”.

      NumbersUSA is professional. It gets results, or at least the only results anyone gets on immigration.

      The best work NumbersUSA has produced is: 1. the gumball video (of course). 2. the argument that enforcing the law would resolve much of the problem and 3. the video arguing how blacks suffer economically the most from mass immigration.

      Those are very hard hitting points! Trump merely has to copy the success story that is NumbersUSA.



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