House Speaker Roll Call Vote

Here is the roll call of this morning’s House Speaker vote. Notable among the 9 Republicans who voted for Daniel Webster (against Paul Ryan) were Dave Brat, Walter Jones and Thomas Massie. Of note, several of the votes for Webster were from Florida which might indicate some state caucus fidelity and not just policy considerations. Among the notable (disappointing) members who voted for Ryan were Justin Amash and John Duncan. I had previously suggested Brat, Jones and Duncan as people worth considering for the job, so two out of three ain’t bad. What a shameful display the coronation of Ryan has been.

*Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been busy lately.

2 thoughts on “House Speaker Roll Call Vote

  1. weavercht

    Ryan is a Randian, or thinks he is. That’s all I really know about the guy.

    He doesn’t seem too bright. I assume he supports war on everything, another massive dose of QE combined with continued ZIRP or even NIRP, America-last trade, and flooding the US with more immigration.

    And as I always argue with tax-and-spend Republicans, I’d rather have welfare than warfare. If money is going to be burnt, it might as well be burnt by Americans on American soil.

    Overspending will eventually reset, the way things are going. So, the focus should be on bringing investment to the US, helping Americans and America. Because eventually, the free-money party ends. Warring helps no one.


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