7 thoughts on “Excellent New Trump Video

  1. Lamplighter75 (formerly SoCal Patriot)

    I have another Trump video for you.This one is of him being interviewed by Larry King at the 1988 Republican National Convention in New Orleans,Louisiana.


  2. Lamplighter75 (formerly SoCal Patriot)

    Here are two videos of Mr.Trump from 1988 that you and your readers might be interested in. The first one is of him being interviewed by Larry King at the 1988 Republican National Convention in New Orleans,Louisiana.The second video is a TV commercial featuring Trump promoting his board game,”Trump: The Game”.


  3. weavercht

    Wow, very good video.

    I like that he’s after the Latino vote somewhat, albeit without putting Mexico first like Jeb. And there’s no reason a true jobs candidate can’t win over Latinos. Inexplicably, Trump has been labeled as hating Mexicans…

    As he says, America is losing in trade. Asian governments can promote their interests. Why is it only American government that is incompetent?

    Trump also has spoken out against wasteful military research. He’s making all the right arguments now.


  4. weavercht


    sorry the filter blocks… 100% of your posts.

    The difficult thing is how to convince retired white America that libertarianism is not their savior.

    We always hear about the welfare state, but we never hear about welfare capitalism (retirees depending on dividends).

    Immigrants are going to demand government handouts, and low-paid workers are going to demand higher-pay. And the US wastes resources on the military despite these enormous domestic problems.

    So, we have to figure how to explain to Americans, including stock-holding retirees, that Trump serves their interests.

    Anyway, that’s the root of everything, which I suppose you know. It’s shocking to watch the wealth transfer and how Americans cannot understand what’s happening and how to stop it. They almost get it, and then the libertarians suck their minds.


  5. roho

    NASA can’t build a rocket that flies?……….The Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Tacticle Fighter is a joke?……….We can’t win a War?………………….Duh?

    But Wall Street Investers are making more PROFITS than ever?………………You don’t need a detective to figure this out.


  6. roho

    Today’s article at News With Views covers the reality of Donald Trump……….Not short…..But very detailed.

    “Why The GOP Establishment Hates Donald Trump”.




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