Just Say #NoPaulRyan for Speaker of the House

Paul Ryan would be Vice President today if not for the votes of immigrants. This is a rather simple math problem, but yet he is a big supporter of amnesty and increased legal immigration. Republicans who are not immigration restrictionists are either clinging to an ideology that means the irrelevance of their party, are paid for shills who put the interests of their paymasters ahead of their own, and/or can’t do simple math. That means Ryan is either a fool, a hack or not too bright. So why would any Republican want this clown leading the House?

6 thoughts on “Just Say #NoPaulRyan for Speaker of the House

  1. roho

    “Speaker Of The House” neither represents his constigients in his district, nor the American people?

    He represents only his handlers on Wall Street, such as Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobile, and Lockeed Martin……….That is why the SECOND POTUS needs to have his wings clipped, so that the REST of the house can have a voice……….He has become an OLIGARCH PRESIDENT.


    1. Lamplighter75 (formerly SoCal Patriot)

      “He represents only his handlers on Wall Street,such as Goldman Sachs…”

      The same thing can be said about Ted Cruz.


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