Trump Declares Boycott of Fox News

Trump has now declared that he will no longer be appearing on Fox for the foreseeable future. I don’t watch TV news programs that often because they all cause my blood pressure to skyrocket, but I do watch it occasionally and it is often on in the breakroom at work. A lot of the chatter I see on the internet is that Fox is pro-Bush. I don’t doubt this, although what I have picked up on myself is not so much that that are pro-Bush as they are just blatantly anti-Trump. I thinks Trump is doing the right thing here. A candidate can not expect all positive coverage, but it is not unreasonable to expect them not to have an obvious agenda against you.

1 thought on “Trump Declares Boycott of Fox News

  1. roho

    Fine with me……………….MSM is nothing more than a cheerleader for candidates?

    Being endorsed by an MSM is like claiming that I am an “EMPLOYEE OF THE BELTWAY”



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