National Review and the Grand Conspiracy

Salon published an article from a pedophile who argued he was born that way and works hard (I guess) to not commit a crime.

Lets leave that argument alone (I didn’t read it)–it was on Salon after all.  Lets, for the purpose here, say, he has a right to express his opinion, Salon has a right to publish it, and in our slippery slope world, the Right basically said this would follow so no reason to faint.

National Review revisited the term Cuckservative this past weekend, and the #nrorevolt was back on.

Yet with all eyes of the altright on National Review, Charles Cooke– an atheist British immigrant–wrote a defense of the Salon article, claiming it was not in support of pedophilia.

Setting his argument aside (I haven’t read it)–WTF?  National Review?

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