Thoughts on Carly Fiorina?

Carly Fiorina apparently has all the buzz from last night’s debate. I wasn’t impressed, but Ill expand later when I have more time. For now, this is me thinking out loud. Since there is no obvious consensus “not Bush” Establishment candidate, and nothing changed there last night, do you think it is possible that the Establishment will embrace “outsider” Fiorina in an effort to stop Trump and Carson? Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Carly Fiorina?

  1. Richard Channing

    The only reason she’s an “outsider” was because she couldn’t win a simple Senate election. How’s she going to win a national election?

    She was clueless on immigration and didn’t impress on much of anything else.

    The talking heads have picked her as the acceptable “outsider” alternative to Trump. So they go on and say “I was really impressed with Carly” when she didn’t say anything noteworthy or stand out in anyway.

    Also, it was painfully obvious she was trying to bait Trump into attacking her horse face when she called herself Secretariat.


  2. redphillips Post author

    I don’t think you can count losing a Sen election in CA against her, but I do have some thoughts about her. Nice pick up with the Secretariat name. I didn’t catch that.


  3. Timothy Yung

    Her California run was hopeless from the start due to the demographics of the state and the unpopularity of Arnold the Governator. I believe the establishment will embrace her. I am not sure if her beliefs are any different that that of the establishment. As far as she is concerned, her positions aside, I am not sure of her leadership skills. One of my relatives worked at HP for several years, she quit in 2000. In 2000 HP was doing extremely well. But Fiorina made one of the worse business decisions in modern history with the merger with Compaq. She almost run the company to the ground. If someone is going to run as an outsider, the outside experience should be more praiseworthy.


  4. roho

    She is ugly.

    Was Trump PC incorrect by pointing it out?…………………Yes.
    Was Trump mean spirited by pointing it out?……………….Yes
    Was Trump being non partisan?………………………………..Yes

    But, she is still UGLY…………And TRUMP spoke the truth?

    I’m more for the TRUTH!…………..She is ugly.


  5. Richard Channing

    I don’t know how the talking heads could possibly say she won the debate.

    I don’t know who did, but she certainly didn’t. Not when you blow your answer on the 14th Amendment so badly that Rand Paul has to step in and correct you. And not when you are living in another world regarding the Planned Parenthood videos. As despicable as these people are (they deserve to have their organs sold and harvested) there was not a baby kicking around in those videos. Even after being told that was the case she still wasn’t convinced. Did she watch a horror movie and was told it was a Planned Parenthood video?

    She plays it amazingly fast and loose with the facts. Her HP tenure was a complete disaster. The money people must be convinced they can control her since they are now universally backing her.

    Poor Jeb.



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