Rubio vs Trump: What is Wrong With Seeking Advice?

One exchange I found interesting last night was when Rubio was scolding Trump for not knowing enough about some details in the Middle East. What is wrong with saying you are going to hire wise advisers and listen to them? A modern President is supposed to be an expert on everything from climate science to vaccines to economics to foreign affairs. This is an absurd expectation, and what it actually does is encourage the regurgitation and reinforcement of the conventional wisdom and boilerplate. Actually, trusting a candidate to surround himself with good people and then wisely filter their advice should be a major quality voters look for in a candidate, not that he be a mile wide and inch deep policy wonk.

3 thoughts on “Rubio vs Trump: What is Wrong With Seeking Advice?

  1. roho

    This was sooooooo Politically laughable!…………Unlike GOVERNMENTS, Corporations of success have always been efficient because they hire the MOST TALENTED PEOPLE!

    The F-35 Joint Tacticle Fighter is a great example of the beaurocracy of GUBMINT!

    $700 billion for the US Defense Budget and nothing works, vs $70 billion for the Russian Government and their weapons are superior?…………..LOL!……..LOL!

    Let our Military Industrial Complex Wall Street Invester system get us all killed?…….Oh yea!

    Who cares if Lockeed Martin is good?………Make them investers some money!


  2. James Kabala

    I remember someone else who admitted that foreign policy was not his strength but sold himself as someone who would hire a wise and experienced foreign policy team. Unfortunately, that person was George W. Bush.


  3. Carl Wicklander

    I agree that a presidential candidate doesn’t need to know minutiae, but it’s easy to say you will surround yourself with good people. Who does Trump (and any other candidate) have in mind? Who do GOP candidates turn to for foreign policy advice? Who are the foreign policy experts who are not neocons or other interventionists? If Trump has good foreign policy instincts, it’s not encouraging that he’s called John Bolton a “tough cookie, knows what he’s talking about.”



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