Don’t Change the $10

The correct answer on who should be on the new $10 bil is “No change.” Don’t the candidates know that conservatives don’t like change? I’m not that fond of Hamilton or Jackson, but I would not support changing them just on general principles. Especially not making an obvious politically correct move and changing it to a woman. Carly Fiorina is the only one who got this right.

Let’s make #dontchangethe10 a thing.

1 thought on “Don’t Change the $10

  1. roho

    Jackson is the greatest President in US History……….If change should take place, make it the $5.00 dollar bill with St. Lincoln as I’m sick of looking at him on both that bill and the penny!

    Love what Ann Coulter said during the debates……….NOBODY screwed up the 20th century more than the JEWS!

    At least TRUMP realises that PC begins with owing the JEWS for campaign donations.,



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