One and a Half Cheers for Ben Carson

I know Carson is soft on immigration, but I find it a fascinating question what the GOP Establishment is going to do if Carson ends up as the last standing “anybody but Trump” candidate. Will they coalesce around him? Since I want to see this scenario so I can watch the dejection of the ruling class at the utter failure of their planned anointing of Jeb, I have held my fire against Carson and intend to keep doing so. I hope he does well in the debate tonight.

5 thoughts on “One and a Half Cheers for Ben Carson

  1. Joel P.

    Carson is soft on a whole lot of things. The only thing he really has going for him is his Magic Negro status. If he were a white guy, no one would have any interest in him.


  2. roho

    I worked for years with brilliant doctors………………….They have “Straw Vision”.

    They are unable to see outside of their training, and although brilliant at what they do, they don’t even have walking around sense outside of medicine!

    Something as simple as, “How do you feel about macaroni and cheese?”……….is like a torture to answer.

    Business Men on the other hand have a gift for HIRING THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO MAKE THEM SUCCESSFUL! ……………That is why TRUMP is sooooooo relaxed.


  3. Richard Channing

    They already own Ben Carson. It’s not a concern for them. He’s in line with them on everything. He won’t slap a tariff on anything and won’t allow wages to go up by controlling immigration. He’s no threat at all.


  4. Richard Channing

    I don’t think they care about repudiation if they can control him.

    It’s not like Carson is going to put an end to sweetheart trade deals. So they don’t get ¬°Jeb!. Big deal. As long as they don’t have someone the business roundtable can’t control it won’t give collective heart attacks to anybody.

    Plus, did you hear this guy talk? You can barely understand what he is saying. I doubt he’s coming up with his own ideas.



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