A Road House Remake?! THIS CANNOT STAND!

Road House is one of the most technically flawless pieces of cinema ever put to film. If those jack weeds in Hollywood remake it, I’m personally going to take pitchfork in hand and march on Hollywood and skewer somebody! Have they no shame? Have they no sense of tradition, honor and decency?

When I mount my populist campaign for President, plank number one is going to be to make it a capital offense to remake ANY Patrick Swayze film (except Ghost and Dirty Dancing which we would all rather forget), and this law will be effective retroactively. That’s right Red Dawn and Point Break desecrators, that means you. Screw that whole no ex post facto laws in the Constitution thing. Some wrongs are just too serious to be ignored.

#NoRoadHouseRemake Let’s make it trend!

3 thoughts on “A Road House Remake?! THIS CANNOT STAND!

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I’m not a particular fan of Road House and I think almost all remakes are worse than the original. But Red, if a remake of a not-so-great-in-the-first-place movie is what it takes to distract you even momentarily from your ridiculous schoolgirl crush on the Donald, then I’d say it’s well worth it.


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