Jonah Goldberg Threatens To Leave Conservative Movement if it Embraces Trump

Oh no, please don’t throw me in that brier patch. That would just be so horrible.

Who is Goldberg kidding. He and National Review left conservatism a long time ago.

Here is Goldberg’s NR column.

Here is a Breitbart article about it.

6 thoughts on “Jonah Goldberg Threatens To Leave Conservative Movement if it Embraces Trump

  1. Richard Channing

    Wouldn’t one have to be a conservative at some point in order for one to leave the conservative movement?

    It would be great if Jonah Goldberg left. It’s really painful to read, every so often, some otherwise thoughtful conservative or moderately conservative person bring up something this idiot Goldberg has said.


  2. Richard Channing

    I just made the mistake of reading the article.

    I don’t recall many people making the argument that Trump is a conservative. Even Rush Limbaugh has said Trumpism is not conservatism, but Americanism.

    These Goldberg types don’t seem to get that immigration is the only issue now. None of the other candidates can be trusted on the issue (not that Trump can either, but at least he has made it the center of his campaign.)

    Goldberg can’t even remember recent history well. Perry’s campaign imploded when he accused opponents of his Dream Act of having no heart.

    He’s always been a little boy who got his job due to his mommy’s involvement in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.


    1. Richard Channing

      I suppose ¡Jeb! and Marco do not support a Muslim invasion of America.

      Nobody hear has ever said Trump is ideal. He’s just better than the rest of the clowns in the Republican field, which does not set the bar very high.


  3. redphillips Post author

    Bulan, he walked back that comment as I predicted he would. Trump is new to this political milieu. He talks off the top of his head at times, but he clearly has advisers who monitor the chatter. This is good for us. He’s taking clues from the base. I really don’t understand your hostility to Trump. He is clearly the best of the lot on immigration and trade. The only one I could see you thinking is better is Cruz.



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