Rare Goes Full Slate and PC Slimes Trump by Association

Jack Hunter and the rest of the staff at Rare have descended into parody. Rare, as I understand it, was supposed to be a conservative site that leaned libertarian and hoped to attract a younger crowd, but Trump has made them come unhinged. Today they posted a story attempting to PC smear Trump because David Duke is glad he is speaking up about immigration. So what? It’s about time someone spoke up on immigration, and if it happens to be someone Hunter and the Rare boys believe is a less than perfect vehicle like Trump, then the blame falls on potentially better vehicles who have sat back and hemmed and hawed on immigration because they are beholden to the fat cat cheap labor lobby and/or they fear being accused of wrongthink by PC enforcers at sites like Rare. “Sites like Rare.” Do you realize how pathetic it is to have to say that? Rare is now in the PC enforcement business with the likes of Slate and Salon. It’s just pitiful.

2 thoughts on “Rare Goes Full Slate and PC Slimes Trump by Association

  1. Carl Wicklander

    If I’m not mistaken, Duke endorsed Ron Paul in at least one of Paul’s presidential runs. I think I know how the erstwhile Southern Avenger and the rest of his Rare minions would react to those guilt by association attacks.

    I suppose it doesn’t need to be said here, but Rare is painful to read. They had another post yesterday hyperventilating over Trump’s tweet about “speaking Mexican.” I’m not a Trump supporter, but I can tell that it’s just a joke. Sure, it’s low-brow, but not worth imitating Joan Walsh over it.


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