Donald Trump vs. #BlackLivesMatter

When the Black Lives Matter protesters seized the microphone from Bernie Sanders, my first thought was something like “What a bunch of Cultural Marxist grandstanders.” My next though was that Sanders, who I have a certain amount of grudging respect for, shouldn’t have given up the microphone so easily because it made him look weak. He should have grabbed that thing with two hands, planted his feet, and stood his ground. Maybe thrown in a hip check or two. My next thought, and it really was my next thought so you’ll just have to take my word for it, was “I bet Trump wouldn’t have given up the microphone.”

Watch the video below. What is your visceral reaction? Mine is to pump my fist and think “Bring it on!” I bet that’s the visceral reaction of a lot of people who watch this video. Now think about the other candidates? Which ones do you imagine would hang on to the microphone? Christie probably, which is a lot of what attracted people to him early before he got bogged down in scandal. Maybe Cruz because he’s feisty? Maybe Paul because he’s feisty. What do you think Bush, who is a pretty big guy, would do? I know exactly what I think Bush would do. He would look around frantically for security and yell “Security! Security! Can we get some security up here.”

This is why people are viscerally attracted to Trump and all the stuff about this or that position he has taken in the past doesn’t phase them. People like Trump don’t normally run for office. They have better things to do. Backslapping glad-handers and smooth ear-ticklers run for office, and a lot of people are sick of it. If you don’t get this dynamic, you don’t get what the Trump phenomenon is all about. Apparently word has gone out on social media among the Black Lives Matter crowd that Trump has called them out, and they have made it their mission to rest the microphone from him. I really hope they try.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump vs. #BlackLivesMatter

  1. weavercht

    I agree with this post, but the “Left” hates America so that they could never tolerate Trump unless, after winning the primary, he can shift his appearance to being moderate.

    In truth, the Left in the US harbours extreme hatred for all that resists secular humanism. It is not simply self-hatred and love of the Other: It’s devotion to secular humanism and big government.

    Trump is currently painted as racist, oligarchical, war-mongering, rude, vain, emotional, stupid.

    Trump is very likely better on all those counts than, say, Kerry (some say Kerry will enter the race late to upset Clinton), but Kerry is painted in a much better light. Because liberals are believed to be, for example, “smart” etc. Thus Kerry is painted as such and believed to be such. The faith becomes perceived as reality.

    So, my point: Trump will need to shed his “right-wing” portrayal in the general election. Which he perhaps could do. He really needs Red as an adviser!


  2. weavercht

    Currently Sanders is perceived as “far-left” and Trump as “far-right”, yet we here know the two of them agree on a number of positions.

    And we know that in truth Trump is not so right-wing as we’d like.

    Perhaps, if we really wanted to help Trump, we could review speeches and past comments of his to create memes of Trump being a great genius.

    For example, we could take quotes of his standing against Iraq before the war. And hopefully he stood against the Patriot Act as well.

    Quotes from Trump’s book could be quite useful. Maybe this is something we here could do: Start up a Trump fan page that includes quotes of Trump and otherwise paints him as wonderful.



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