Which GOP Candidates Most Threaten the Establishment?

Since no mainstream candidate advocates the kind of strict constitutionalism I support, I have become increasingly inclined to just support the candidate that I judge will most monkey wrench the system and panic the Establishment instead of the one that is marginally closer to me on the issues. Here is my current assessment of the GOP candidates in order of how freaked out the Establishment would be if they were the nominee 1) Trump 2) Paul 3) Carson 4) Huckabee 5) Cruz. Maybe 2 and 3 should be switched and maybe 4 and 5 should be switched. Thoughts on my order?

4 thoughts on “Which GOP Candidates Most Threaten the Establishment?

  1. weavercht

    I don’t like Huckabee.

    I don’t like anti-Americans who wear a conservative skin or who use religion to go left.

    I want my anti-Americans to wear an anti-American, secular-humanist skin, so the masses aren’t confused about who is leading them and what their choices are. Voters, especially Americans, especially whites, especially WASPs, are extremely stupid.

    Politicians like Dubya who are labeled “conservative” but are not are extremely damaging.



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