FOX Debate Open Thread

Post your debate thoughts and reactions here.

As I mentioned below, I will be recording the debates and watching them a bit late, but I will start with a prediction to get things started. Of course all the focus is going to be on Trump. I have seen a lot of people speculating (hoping really) that Trump will not do well because it isn’t really a format he has ever had an opportunity to shine at. They also think his lack of policy specifics may catch up with him. I am confident that he will do fine though, and he might even walk away the clear winner. He’ll do fine at least on the force of his strong personality, but he handles the press quite skillfully. He has a chance to do well because the short answer debate format is somewhat analogous to handling the press. There isn’t time for much policy specifics even if he wanted to give them.

I actually thought Trump’s announcement speech, which launched this phenomenon, was a bit rambling. It seemed somewhat seat of the pants and unrehearsed. This was partially because I had watched him give a very similar speech on Youtube prior to his announcement, and I thought it was tighter. But people overlooked the flaws because of the hysteria surrounding his breaches of PC protocol, and the fact that he was offering something unique. I have no doubt that he would be a fine speech giver with some coaching and practice, but my point is that the short answer debate format likely suits Trump because it isn’t that different than handling adversarial reporters, which he does well.

Also, with regard to his lack of specifics, Trump has written two campaign books, one in 2000 and one in 2011, both in anticipation of possible runs. (First as a potential Reform Party candidate in 2000 and later as a potential Republican in 2012.) Both books contained substantial policy specifics, so he has some policy details to call on assuming he has read his own book. (How much of each book he actually wrote is anyone’s guess, but presumably he at least made sure they didn’t misrepresent him. I say this not as a slam, but as a concession. How many candidates actually write their own books.)

18 thoughts on “FOX Debate Open Thread

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I’ll be watching FOX Sports 1 tonight. International Hooters swimsuit pageant vs. a bunch of lying sleazy politicians on FOX News. Not a difficult decision, not at all. And thanks, FOX, for giving your viewers a choice.


    1. weavercht

      I rarely watch debates, but I’ll try to watch some of this one, just to see Trump in action.

      I very much fear Trump will make some comment that’s portrayed as a misstep by the media – but hopefully not.


  2. Mike

    The Great Tugglini predicts Trump will reveal that his stance on immigration is only a comb-over to disguise his otherwise Establishment agenda.


  3. redphillips Post author

    Mike, the Establishment’s economic agenda is globalist neoliberalism. At a minimum, Trump is not one of those. He has always been an economic nationalist. He opposed NAFTA in the 90’s. This has been his consistent theme since he first became a prominent national figure.

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      1. weavercht

        He did oppose Dubya’s Iraq War at least.

        Every candidate has to support nuclear extinction for Muslim polities surrounding Israel. It would be extremist not to.


  4. Richard Channing

    I could only stomach an hour of it.

    I didn’t think it was possible but I think all of them are bigger fools than I did before the debate.

    I think Walker was the only one that didn’t make a complete fool of himself.

    Twice they asked Jeb a question about common core:

    “Jeb, why are you the only one that likes common core?”

    We get an answer about school vouchers.

    “Yes, but Jeb, what about common core?”

    We get an answer (surely false) about minority graduation rates.

    Fortunately for the candidates they didn’t come across worse than the idiot Fox News moderators.

    The stupid blonde that can’t spell her name right asks Kasich a question about how he’d speak to his hypothetically gay kids. Kasich stupidly answers the question instead of laughing at her and asking her how she managed to get her job. The smarmy younger guy with the big ears was just as bad. Chris Wallace was as pompous as he could be.

    I actually felt my IQ drop watching this train wreck.


    1. Richard Channing

      Correction , I didn’t think Cruz made a fool of himself either. The other eight candidates certainly did so.

      The only bright spot was that Rick Perry and Little Lindsay didn’t share the stage. Oh the horrors that were averted.


      1. Richard Channing

        I thought Trump was playing the role of Donald Trump. He came off as a cartoon character, which was still more intelligent and serious than Jeb.


    1. weavercht

      Well, at least Trump-the-candidate speaks up on illegal immigration and has made it his thing.

      Maybe we want another Democrat in office if no Republican will control the border. Sanders 2016!


  5. roho

    It’s August.

    Try to remember that:
    1. George Wallace was right yet lost.
    2. Ross Perot was right yet lost.
    3. Ron Paul was right yet lost.
    4. Pat Buchanan was right yet lost.

    What do you expect from the “Stupid Party”?

    FOX obviously got the memo from the RNC?

    If any “Truth Tellers” get traction, the Electronic Voting Machines will Kill them!

    The Empire no longer needs silly constituants interfering with doners “CANDIDATES”.


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