Donald Trump Wants to End the Anchor Baby Phenomenon

He wrote this in his 2011 book, but I was not aware of it until I read this.

The single most important immigration related policy change we could make would be to end the anchor baby concept which is a misinterpretation of the Constitution to begin with, a result of activists judges of that day. Has any Republican candidate other than Trump brought this up?

In one striking clarion call, Trump used the book to demand an end to the interpretation of law that allows for so-called anchor babies, where the children of illegal-immigrant mothers who give birth on American soil automatically become U.S. citizens.

“Some four million anchor babies are now officially U.S. citizens,” Trump wrote in the publication. “This has to stop. The only other major country in the world that issues citizenship based on where one’s mother delivers her child is Canada. The rest of the world bases citizenship on who the kid’s parents are, which is of course the only sane standard.”

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