Charles C. Johnson Goes After #Cuckservatives

Charles Johnson is an interesting fellow. He is the person behind GotNews and was one of the main people behind blowing open the UVA rape hoax story, for example. He has gotten increasingly edgy with time, as he has been more and more ostracized by the mainstream right, and now writes a weekly (I believe) column at TakiMag. But he is a graduate of Claremont College, and at one point the Jaffaite influence was obvious. And at one point he was an outspoken interventionist. I am very curious if his foreign policy views will evolve in his new more alternative milieu. He perhaps soft-pedals the term cuckservative in this article, but you can’t be familiar with the idea behind cuckservative beyond very superficially without understanding that US foreign policy and the role Israel plays in it are a substantial part of what the term is getting at. So you can’t simultaneously call other conservatives cucks and support an interventionist foreign policy without some serious cognitive dissonance going on. I am very curious to see how this will evolve.

2 thoughts on “Charles C. Johnson Goes After #Cuckservatives

  1. Rob Johnson

    It’s a tad rich to see Charles C. Johnson using this cuckold portmanteau as an insult. Chuck was cucked at Claremont McKenna. In true beta-male fashion, he “got revenge” by pissing on a girl.

    Editor’s note: I approved this comment because we generally have a policy here of not censoring comments, but I am skeptical of the accuracy of its claim. I welcome a response from Mr. Johnson.



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