Zerohedge Continues Its Attack on Trump

Zerohedge likes to portray itself as a populist website standing for the little guy, frequently lamenting the declining middle class; but it’s revealing how fierce the attacks have been against Donald Trump, the leading anti-establishment figure, the only candidate who has proposed a real revival of the US middle class.

Recently we have poster “williambanzai7” mocking Trump with crude images (note the comments are fairly pro-Trump). And “Tyler Durdan” (anonymous) frets over Trump’s surge in popularity.

Trump is less of a war-monger, wants to bring jobs back to America while reducing mass immigration of unskilled workers, will stand athwart the US-global oligarchy; yet he has Zerohedge in a frenzy. Curious.

The best argument against Trump seems to be that he couldn’t defeat “Hitlery” in a general election. But are any of the Republicans, aside from Trump, better than Hillary? I’m awaiting a pro-Bush Zerohedge article, perhaps followed by an article defending “bomb, bomb Iran” McCain.

Commenter “Seasmoke” has it right: “Have Sanders and Trump team up. It might actually work knocking down the one party system.”

The election itself isn’t necessarily what’s so important. Trump is saying things the establishment doesn’t want said, not that Trump is perfect. Populism tends to be zany, because it’s “of the people”. And Trump is no professional politician.

Trump is however clearly strong, as strong as perhaps even Putin and Jinping. Like Putin, Trump could stand up to the US-global oligarchy. If Zerohedge believes he has a chance at winning, why not offer support? Who else is a better gamble if actually bothering to get involved with the election in the first place?

1 thought on “Zerohedge Continues Its Attack on Trump

  1. Avery

    yet he has Zerohedge in a frenzy. Curious.

    Must have something to do with Russia. For ZH everything is ultimately about Russia.



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