EIC Asks: What Is Hillary’s Position on Trade?

Margaret Elkis writes:

Clinton’s populous message about helping out the middle class is also futile if she supports the TPP. With the TPP, we would be trading with countries that have minimum wages of $0.56 cents an hour. The flood of cheap imports into America will be putting our companies out of business! Just how could our industries compete with these low labor costs? For as much as they would try, there is no way American goods could cost the same as Vietnamese goods. This would decimate our industries costing us thousands if not millions of jobs! Another blow to middle class America.

Not to mention the fact that this will also make our companies want to move overseas for cheaper labor. It’s obvious, when you have the option of choosing to pay your employee $10.00 an hour or $0.56 cents an hour, you will most likely chose to pay $0.56 cents an hour! That same choice will be made by thousands of companies across the nation who will ship our jobs overseas. Kiss middle class America goodbye.

However, Obama of course ran on protectionist trade, then converted to “free trade” once elected. Words are cheap.

And it was Bill Clinton who gave us NAFTA. Anyway EIC, as always, is asking the right questions.

In a more recent article, EIC declares America-last trade is “class warfare“, brilliant insight. Quantitative easing and mass immigration of unskilled workers are also class warfare.

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