The MSM and the Alternative History of John McCain’s Military Record

John McCain ran a strong primary campaign in 2000 and ran a primary and general election campaign in 2008, but it took him criticizing Donald Trump and Trump responding to get anybody, namely angry Trump supporters, to start digging into and caring about the long whispered of alternative history of McCain’s military career. This was all available to enterprising journalists in 2008, but it takes a bunch of angry Trump supporters to get it talked about, and it is now bubbling up in social media and comment sections as if it were common knowledge. The point is, if you trust the MSM and the Establishment to give you the real story, you are naive and/or deluded. The MSM no longer sees its job as counterbalancing and keeping in check the Powers the Be. It sees its job as reinforcing the conventional wisdom and approved opinion and keeping down dissent. If you don’t recognize this and see through it, you aren’t paying attention.

Ron Unz has re-posted his article on the subject which has been getting a lot of renewed interest in the days since the McCain-Trump brouhaha started.

1 thought on “The MSM and the Alternative History of John McCain’s Military Record

  1. weavercht

    Trump is so much better than I expected. He refuses to apologise!

    I look forward to seeing what he upsets in the US. Trump brings the potential for change.

    Regardless of whether he’s elected, Trump’s willingness to just speak-what-shouldn’t-be-spoken is invaluable. I’m waiting for a Buchananite to hopefully convert him to the anti-war side, lol. Trump seems open to conversion. He likely has never seen our material.

    EIC, antiwar, and numbersusa all need to get in touch with Trump!

    And if he’s just here to attack Republicans, as Raimondo accuses, so what? McCain is a hated opponent! Trump’s unlikely to attack good Republicans like Senator Sessions.



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