David Stockman: Immigration Laws Fill US Prisons

In a recent “Chart of the Day“, David Stockman highlights how US prisons would be “emptied” if not for drug and immigration laws. Immigration is not the second highest percentage in his chart, but it’s highlighted to imply that immigration laws are unnecessary.

This is typical of libertarians, typical of financial types, and typical of “socialists” like George Soros.

Is libertarianism truly the “opposite” of socialism? No.

3 thoughts on “David Stockman: Immigration Laws Fill US Prisons

  1. Individualist

    Uh…yeah, libertarians ARE the opposite of socialists. Socialism is an economic ideology. The workers own the means of production. Libertarians are (unlike conservatives) TRULY in favor of the free market, of property rights, and of small government. Are libertarians the opposite of liberals (who have social views as well rather than just economic)? No they are not. But neither are conservatives, so what is the point? Just as liberals (and socialists), conservatives love the state. Just as liberals (and socialists) conservatives have no principled problem with a police state and with war. Just as liberals (and socialists) conservatives are collectivists. Just as liberals (and socialists) conservatives only cherish freedom when it suits them.
    The fact that both socialists and many conservatives loathe libertarians speaks volumes. Libertarianism is about something both socialists and conservatives hate…FREEDOM.
    Immigration laws and drug laws are unnecessary. It is the welfare state that makes immigration attractive. Without any kind of handouts most likely only the hard workers would bother coming. And the war on drugs is just as “successful” and meaningful as prohibition was…not at all.


    1. weavercht Post author


      libertarians act to break down the social ties that prevent leviathan, which is to say libertarians pave the way for socialism.

      It’s the social ties, what you call “collectivism”, that prevents leviathan, which is to say much larger collectivism. What you call “freedom” is anarchy and unsustainable.

      Libertarians and socialists both follow “economism“. Conservatives do not.

      And as Belloc noted, we’re witnessing a return to the Servile State, thanks to what libertarians want.

      Immigrants are drawn to the US due to higher wages and living standards here in the US. American businesses want to hire foreign labour, undercutting American wages. And investors want floods of new Americans to bolster the value of assets (eg. grow businesses, increase property values). The US GDP is driven in large part by immigration. There’s no desire for an improvement in living standard, only a growing of the GDP.

      There’s no hope for civilisation within such a selfish, near-term oriented pirate culture.


    2. Richard Channing

      Uh, libertarians, like socialists, have no room for state’s rights or the 9th and 10th Amendments.

      Libertarians support a leviathan central government to crush any state and local governments that govern themselves and the will of those being governed.

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