7 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo is not Happy With Rand Paul Over Iran Deal

  1. weavercht

    Raimondo needs to call Trump up and get hired.

    Raimondo would know the issues so well, he could lead Trump. Raimondo is a freakin super-hero. Trump has a huge ego but is likely politically clueless, malleable.

    If only Raimondo hadn’t trashed Trump… You know Raimondo was thinking, “Trump is pulling support from Rand”. Now whom will Raimondo support?

    And yes, it’s clear Rand is dead in the water. Trump is the rebel, else we should just ignore elections.


    1. weavercht

      Will the real Jim Webb please stand up?

      He might be a best-available candidate if he can get enough support. I think we might do alright under Sanders, who, yes, is Jewish. I continue to believe “socialism” is bad for immigration. The finance types want mass immigration, and we simply can’t afford immigrants if we have to pay them well.

      I don’t believe in socialism. It just seems opposing conservatives on everything is generally best for conservative interests. Conservatives as a rule are nearly always wrong.


  2. Bulan Sabriel

    Jim Webb opposes the Iran deal. This is a brave patriotic act for a man running for president as a democrat.
    Iran wants to destroy America and this deal protect their nuclear weapons program.



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