US South and Utah More Charitable Than Others, Despite Poverty

Market Watch recently published a study showing wealthier neighborhoods give less than do poorer neighborhoods. However, there’s a more interesting trend.

From the map, Utah and the US South appear to be much more charitable than the rest of the US. And notice how “Deep South” Mississippi and Alabama are especially charitable despite poverty. These two states are where we find some of the highest percent of remnant blue-blood Southrons.

Counties in New England tend to give less — yet also have either moderate or high standards of living, while counties in Utah and the Southeast, where religious attendance is higher, have higher rates of giving, despite having low or moderate standards of living. San Juan County in Utah has an “Opportunity Index” — based on educational, economic and involvement in civic life — of 35.6% out of 100% but a giving ratio of 8.8% (anything above 7.9% is considered a high giving ratio). Hamilton County, N.Y., however, has a higher opportunity index of 56.6% and a giving ratio of just 3% (anything below 4.3% is considered low).

I expect there are a variety of trends at play here. Religion, rurality, sense of community (homogeneity helps), rootedness (generations living in same area), ethnicity (whites), and lack of opportunity (making others’ poverty more understandable) all encourage charity. I realise these are dark areas, but such doesn’t mean the blacks give as much as the whites.

It’s interesting that many of the Blue State residents will likely vote for government to step in to help, but they don’t wish to give themselves. So, it’s partly a difference in culture.

Once again we see how wonderful is the dying shell of the remnant Olde South, how sad is its passing. Notice how this is not a “capitalist” vs. “socialist” divide. The divide truly is between the US South and Utah versus much of the rest of the US. This is not a Cold War divide.

1 thought on “US South and Utah More Charitable Than Others, Despite Poverty

  1. roho

    The same results are shown when looking at the moneys that flowed in to help New Yorkers after 911.

    NYC gave the least of all.



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