Strange Hit Pieces on Paula Deen

After being bashed for exaggerated “racism”, Paula Deen is bullied yet again.

Paula Deen tweeted a comical photo of her family dressed as the cast of I Love Lucy. This included Ricky, a Cuban with a darker complexion. Her son darkened his skin and is now condemned for “wearing blackface”.

The most flagrant bullying I’ve seen is found at Yahoo, which also bashed CofCC’s new president, striving to link him with Republican candidates.

Partly this is bullying. It won’t stop until whites grow tired of having to jump through hoops to demonstrate how unracist they are. Partly this is the Internet and mass society: There’s a tendency to manufacture fictional enemies to bash in service to one’s abstract group or monetary interest. No one seems to mind that Paula Deen or Earl Holt are human. They’re strangers, and bashing strangers is “fun” within mass society and the Internet.

For me, this reinforces my reverence for smaller, more decentralised society where the weak aren’t preyed upon, strangers aren’t randomly bullied.

2 thoughts on “Strange Hit Pieces on Paula Deen

  1. roho

    As a Southerner, Paula Dean will never be excepted as Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart, or any other Southern Red Neck amongst the Jewish/ Northeastern clubs of the Prestigious Media Cooking Elite?……..They will eat, copy, and enjoy her recipes, but BOSTON will never, never, admit her to their cuillinery ranks?……….If she were black, claiming to cook “SOUL FOOD” she would instantly be in, based on PC Correctness. (Simply because she could fry catfish?)…….Duh?……………Best thing for her to do is the same thing as Alabama Seafood Restaurants? (Keep her mouth shut and make money.)

    The locals don’t give a rip about Ex Con Martha Stewart, but simply want good food at a fair price.

    PS: The #1 School of cooking is Cornell University and it ain’t in the North?


  2. roho

    Wrong answer!…….Cornell is in NY and Florida State is in the South………….Where I knew a guy with a degree in the culinary arts.



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