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  1. weavercht

    I always tell people Lee didn’t like slavery, before nor after the war, and he didn’t support secession. But he certainly fought to defend his state.

    And G A Henty’s “With Lee in Virginia” is about a boy fighting for his home, not fighting for slavery.

    And President Buchanan argued (in a speech) against the legality of the federal government attacking a state.

    Georgia’s secession declaration voices concerns that freed slaves would harm wages, create crime, struggle with unfamiliar freedom – as I recall. I don’t believe poor Southern whites supported slavery so much as feared emancipation. “Wolf by the ears” (Jefferson).

    The abolitionists were “racist”. The North was “racist”. The North defended slavery (e.g. Grant and also West Virginia), offered permanent amendment. Post-war the North persecuted blacks. The North violated the Constitution numerous times during the war, and it used recent immigrants as soldiers against the South. Many in the North supported the South.

    It was interesting a black man recently defended the flag saying his ancestor served as a cook in the war and was paid afterwards. So, he believed he was done right by the South.

    Jefferson Davis’s adopted son was black, stolen by the North, never recovered. Stonewall set up Sunday schools for blacks, and Lee was of course opposed to slavery, though not as PC as some paint him. These are the three on Stone Mountain, and they were relatively pro-black for their time.

    Reconstruction was Hell. And black culture has degenerated, which has been bad for blacks.

    The North opened the way for *total war*.

    The flag has become a symbol of Southern culture and identity, and truly we have long had a distinct identity. Each individual colony was granted independence, and my own folks have been here for nearly 400 years. Virginia Dare was the first white born here. Charleston was a centre of great wealth in its time. It flowered, and the Greeks and Romans had similarly relied upon slave labour. Someone has to work to provide others with leisure. And slaves were raised to be Christian, one can still find neat rows of slave-quarters. They could have been treated worse, though I don’t like the institution myself. Muslim slavery wasn’t so kind, and it ended much later than did ours.

    Today we have wage-slaves who don’t realise they’re slaves. With technology there’s the potential for making machines work to provide man with leisure, but it’s not a certainty technology will be used so well. At the least, quality of life has improved for now.


  2. roho

    Total War?…………Never seen before William T. Sherman?…………Never again would Civilians of the World be safe from military conquest?……….SCREW SHERMAN and his conquest of killing civiians to impact war!



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