The Southern Cradle: A Review of The Other Irish


Ever wonder about “The Scots-Irish Rascals Who Made America”? Here’s my review of Karen McCarthy’s entertaining introduction to The Other Irish, featured today on the Abbeville Institute blog.

3 thoughts on “The Southern Cradle: A Review of The Other Irish

  1. weavercht

    That sounds like an excellent book – good to focus on roots. I, ah, especially like depicting Sherman as Cromwell.

    The English truly have become too much of a merchant race – and too modern/too loyal to the state and to a concept of technological progress. A bit more warrior spirit and tribal orientation might be good for the mix. I like elements of the two.

    The South is no longer agrarian, and it’s much more densely populated. So, we have to figure how to adapt to the environment we’re in I suppose. Good to learn of roots even if we can’t return fully to them though.


  2. Mike Post author

    Every culture changes as it adapts to new circumstances. Jews, for example, are no longer desert nomads living in tents, but still revere their ancient origins.

    What matters is that identity is preserved.

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  3. roho

    The London Bank sissys of the New England States, with their powdered wigs and blousy shirts will never except the Scotch/Irish Southerner……….They will always perceive the South as Hooligans of low repute………………….Therefore, we must WAGE WAR until they do?



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