Russian City Bans Yoga to Stifle Spread of Religious Cults

Russia is always interesting. Many say it is one of the last Christian societies.

Recently the Russian city of Nizhnevartovsk banned yoga classes from city facilities.

While I can’t imagine America or western Europe doing the same, I must agree that Yoga does have religious elements in it. Its origins aren’t even orthodox Hinduism but heterodox Hinduism, which should be less congruous with Christianity.

Similarly Eastern martial arts tend to pass on values, though the values there seem to be largely positive.

In the Culture War, most everything has significance. Post-Christian secular humanism has its cultural products too. (Eg. Feminism, masculinism, modern architecture, tv shows like “Family Guy” which Russia has banned, the language Esperanto, modern “art”.)

A conservative polity should ban or limit alien cultural artifacts like these. It’s wrong to label Russia “Soviet” over such policies. Rather, it is we who have become Soviets.

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