The PC Jihad Against Donald Trump is Why He Should Have Stood up for the Confederate Battle Flag

I have already expressed my disappointment with Donald Trump for so easily and reflexively going with the tide against the Confederate Battle Flag, but the fact that the PC ninnies are going after Trump on immigration, at least means he is doing something right.

Trump is impetuous and not really intellectually grounded in any sort of fundamental political philosophy other than economic nationalism and American patriotism, so I don’t think he thinks everything through. One point about the Battle Flag that I have been making as often as anyone will listen, is that this isn’t just about the Flag. It is about the Cultural Marxist Rightthink Borg flexing its muscle and demonstrating its power. So efforts to take down the Flag should be opposed on general principles by anyone who opposes the Cultural Marxist agenda. This is why it was not in Trump’s best interests to come out openly against the Flag. He could have at least deferred to the people of South Carolina as some other Presidential candidates have done. You can’t concede to the PC Rightthink Gestapo on one front (the Flag) and then resist them on another (immigration), because the Cultural Marxist agenda is all of a piece. It is about nothing less than the destruction of traditional Western and Christian society.

Trump clearly has talents that have allowed him to make a lot of money, but paradoxically, he also strikes me as somewhat naive. I really wonder if he saw this backlash coming. Some cynics have said that Trump is in it to “build his brand,” but I disagree, because I think his campaign is likely to hurt his business fortunes. If Trump ran a string of Southern and Midwestern BBQ joints, then it might help his business, but he doesn’t. He builds and runs properties that are intended to cater to high end clientele, and such people tend to be PC poseurs because they are insulated from the real world and can afford to be. I’m disappointed with the position Trump took on the Flag, but I am not cynical about his campaign. I genuinely think that Trump thinks he would be a good President. I hope the attacks against him by the PC Stormtroopers for his entirely common sense position on immigration wake him up to the true nature of the Beast we are fighting. Defending the Battle Flag is part of that common struggle.

5 thoughts on “The PC Jihad Against Donald Trump is Why He Should Have Stood up for the Confederate Battle Flag

  1. weavercht

    I agree that Trump’s business should suffer from his running.

    Wealthy capitalists and employees of large corporations don’t tend to be such firm conservatives as they’re claimed to be in political mythology. It’s better business to embrace The Borg.

    The flag has largely been condemned by the rest of America which seems perplexed why any of us care about the flag. The flag means a great deal to me though, and I don’t personally wish to join mass American man in his mass society.


  2. weavercht

    It’s a shame we don’t have a more charismatic leader who can sell populism to even Latinos.

    No one should have issue with a call for excluding all but the highest quality immigrant. Such… helps those already living in the US.

    It’s a very strange thing how each ethnic group is divided rather than Americans united athwart the oligarchs. I like ethnic identity…, but politically all ethnicities in the US share common populist interests.

    A negative of diversity is it prevents populists from uniting. Steve Sailer had proposed “citizenism” as a term for American populism, but no one unites around that.


  3. roho

    Because of disease, crime, and border coverage, we assume Mexico to dominate immigration? But, what about China?

    I have no illusions about the “Donald’s” position on the flag? Had he been developing real estate in Bham, Memphis, Jackson, Macon, or anywhere in the South maybe?…………..But he is a true Globalist New Yorker, always focused on the profits and not the people. Born in NYC, educated at Fordham, and totally aware of how Northeastern politics play the balance of the nation, he will never give a shit about the Confederate Flag or even the future of the Louisiana Crawfish Industry. (If left to him he would drain the swamp and erect high rise buildings.) I would like to know exactly how many illegals actually worked on his job sites at a reduced labor cost?

    Like Fred Thompson, he is simply waiting on a paycheck to back out and support the highest bidder.



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