WWE Wrestler JBL Needs to Take Off His Cowboy Hat and Put on a Beret

John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) is a WWE wrestler who used to wrestle as the persona of basically a redneck or cowboy from Texas. Now he is primarily an announcer and carries on his most recent wrestling gimmick of being rich and snobby. Apparently he went on a rant on Facebook about the Confederate Battle Flag. He demonstrates his ignorance by calling the War To Prevent Southern Independence, treasonous. JBL, as a Texan, should know better than to make such an armature mistake. Secession is not treason. If it is, then the Brits need to arrest every Scot who voted for independence in their recent election. I didn’t realize that JBL is supposed to be a “conservative” and has a radio program and has appeared on Fox News. Perhaps someone should inform JBL that conservatives are supposed to conserve things. With this, JBL needs to change his gimmick. He can no longer pass as a rich Texan, a J R Ewing type. I think he needs to swap out his cowboy hat for a beret.

1 thought on “WWE Wrestler JBL Needs to Take Off His Cowboy Hat and Put on a Beret

  1. Richard Channing

    Forgive JBL. He’s just happy someone takes him seriously. In his defense, is there anybody in Conservatism, Inc that didn’t denounce the flag? Even Lou Dobbs did so.



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