Tom Woods Calls Out Jack Hunter on Facebook

Tom Woods posted the following on Facebook. (I don’t know if the Facebook link will be visible to everybody.) Judging by the comments, many people didn’t know who he was talking about, but I knew right away.

One of the worst things to me is the spectacle of people who conveniently “change their minds” when the heat is on, and then look down their noses at those who hold the same views they themselves held 10 minutes earlier. Then they win praise and huzzahs. Well, you can stick your media praise you know where, because you’ll never see me crawling to beg for it.

At some point you have to decide to be a man, and quit pandering and apologizing. (This is not a reference to Rand Paul, in case you thought it was.)

I’m glad Tom Woods did this. He is a person of stature in our circles and broadly respected by most on our side. This has to sting Jack.

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