Sadly Rand Paul Goes Full PC on Confederate Battle Flag

This defection hurts more than most of the others. I have been critical of Rand, but I was still considering supporting him and voting for him as the best of a bunch of poor alternatives. He just made that decision easier. I will not vote for a flag turncoat. The Battle Flag is a test of whether or not you will stand up to the PC Rightthink Borg. Rand failed. At least he has relieved me of the angst I was having about whether I should support him out of deference to his father.

5 thoughts on “Sadly Rand Paul Goes Full PC on Confederate Battle Flag

  1. William

    Why should there be any surprise? He’s a Republican. The Republican governor of Alabama ordered the flag taken down because the flag-controversy was interfering with budgetary issues. In other words, for this Republican, defending a sacred symbol of the people of his state is of less importance than doing a bit of bookkeeping. That a Republican will abandon any principle, any cause, that interferes with making money is one of the great truths of this world. That the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning is not more certain.


    1. Richard Channing


      It should be no surprise that Rand would stick a knife in your back. How many times does he have to do so before it won’t come as a surprise?

      The GOP is as bad as the Democrat when it comes to PC think. With the entry of Piyush Jindhal into the presidential race the GOP candidates look far more like Brazil than the Democrat candidates. They’ve got a Cuban, a Mexican, a black, and now an Indian. And well meaning but stupid Republicans wonder why they don’t do more to fight Obama’s amnesty.



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