After Confederate Battle Flag Betrayal, I Will Not be Going “All In” for Donald Trump

In a post below, Hawthorne suggested that I should go “all in” for Trump as the best way to gin up some useful political theater. I was seriously considering it, although I still had some angst about whether or not I should support Rand Paul. Trump is not the best on all the issues, although he is the best on trade deals and building a wall, but he is a generalized “stick a thumb in the eye of the Regime” candidate. That is why I was very disappointed to read that he joined the anti-Confederate Battle Flag PC fest. (I literally crossed my fingers when I Googled to see if he had made a statement, hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed.) I was really hoping he would denounce the hysteria or at least defer to the people of South Carolina on the issue, but he chose to make a definitive statement in support of removing the flag, so I will not be supporting him.

I don’t really blame Trump as much as I do some of the other clowns. He was born in Queens, NY, had a typical American education and has not really been a part of a political milieu where he would learn better, or at least come to understand the sensibilities of some on the issue. Rand Paul and Rick Perry, for example, have no such excuse. But Trump is a fiesty contrarian and those instincts should have at least lead him to bite his tongue on the issue. The two candidates I was considering, Rand and Trump, have let me down. As of now, I have absolutely no one to support in the Republican primary. Unless someone acceptable gets in, I guess it’s time to start looking at who is running for the Constitution Party nomination.

5 thoughts on “After Confederate Battle Flag Betrayal, I Will Not be Going “All In” for Donald Trump

  1. roho

    Politics in America have become soooooooo corrupt that their is no system for defining politicians?……….Trump may be cutting deals with the “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” that would baffle the mind of the common voter?………….As an OLIGARCH his decisions are beyond the understanding of the working man?…………………Profits beyond our wildest imagination may be available to him if eventually supports DAFFY DUCK for President?


  2. hawthornecht

    The flag will take care of itself, and Trump, who will never win down South understands smart politics–make everything tougher for the limp wristed Soc Cons–come on, Red, dig deeper into politics. Though I respect your point.


  3. weavercht


    it’s just demographics. More Americans hate Southerners than the number of Southerners who’ll be offended.

    I wouldn’t pass on Trump over just this. I’ll likely vote Trump in the primary and then a Dem in the general election for pres.


  4. roho

    People getting all tore up over a piece of fabric is really classic American. Never see the forest for the trees……………Slavery is alive and well in America…….Show is………And all of the oligarch investors know about it. The “Donald” may even have some stock?

    There is a reason that the US leads the world in incarceration……….”PROFITS”!……….And nothing in the world has ever created profits like slave labor. We don’t execute people any more because even Hitler knew better than to kill his work force. (Unless you believe the Holohaux Mythology?)…………….All manufacturing did not go to China….Much of it went to the PRISON SYSTEMS where inmates work long hours for free. We may all have some prison made products that say “Made In America”………..LOL!………California is the worse.

    But that evil piece of fabric caused the death of those people in Charleston?……..LOL!

    “America’s Slave Empire”


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