Lew Rockwell on Donald Trump

Lew Rockwell, who is an anarcho-capitalist and generally discourages participation in the political process, makes a similar point re. Trump to the one I made in my last post, and links to the same Erickson column that I did. He writes on Facebook:

Read Erick Erickson’s column. As a populist, Donald attracts all those who have been kicked in the teeth by the system, and despise its politicians. Plus nobody is afraid that Don would rob the treasury…

BTW, Limbaugh said today he wished the [neo]conservatives would go after Hillary the way they’ve gone after Trump.

Exactly. Trump is a rhetorical bomb thrower. He is the candidate yelling the loudest “The Emperor has no clothes.” Plus he happens to have a few billion dollars and an unsurpassed ability to get airtime and coverage. The ruling Regime realizes that Trump can inflict some real damage on them, in a way the others can’t. That’s why they want us all to dismiss him right away as just a “clown.” You don’t have to support Trump. You don’t have to agree with him on the issues. Just don’t let the Regime get away with it, and especially don’t do their dirty work for them.

3 thoughts on “Lew Rockwell on Donald Trump

  1. hawthornecht

    And Red, as a frontrunner of the politics of street theater, gonzo, et al for paleos,to me the real question is whether Rand will step up his game and go for the Establishment ‘support’ via reactionary fear of Trump.

    Anyway, go all in for Trump–I bet he is out by September, after doing the phony debates or not. I have no reason not to think this is a work, but man, what a work. Rip Dusty Rhodes. A nation of conmen and stock jobbers deserves Trump.


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