A Potential Rationale for Supporting Donald Trump

Trump is a mixed bag on the issues, but I find myself drawn to the guy’s candidacy for reasons that are hard to articulate. As an outside the mainstream voter, I might support a candidate because that candidate is the closest to me ideologically, and I want to send an ideological message. This is why I supported Ron Paul. Or I could support a candidate because I believe that candidate has the most potential to do real damage to the enemy, in my case the current ruling bipartisan regime. I am not endorsing Trump at this point, but if I were to support him it would be for the latter reason.

Erick Erickson explains my potential rationale very well here, although I don’t think he is condoning it. Trump’s campaign potentially represents the best way to poke a big ol’ thumb in the eye of the Powers That Be.

There is also a reality about Donald Trump’s candidacy that you should also not underestimate. People hate Washington, they hate politicians, and they are perfectly happy to champion a candidate who tells politicians to go to hell and provides creative directions on the path there. Donald Trump’s candidacy does not exist in a nation where people think the politicians actually care about making the country great again. It only exists in a nation of cynics who think the powers that be want to manage decline and profit from it.

Donald Trump is the disrespectful candidate for people who disrespect the process. He’ll be rude. He’ll be loud. He’ll be confrontational. And he won’t get the nomination. But along the way, he will speak to the fears and hopes of a lot of people who no longer connect with Washington or trust the government to get it right.

For a lot of people who hate politicians who go to Washington to get rich off the system like Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 0%, they can trust that Donald Trump is already a billionaire so will not need to enrich himself off the treasury. Trump’s campaign, like Ben Carson’s, makes no sense in an age when people respect Washington. But it makes a hell of a lot of sense in an age when people no longer think their vote matters, but they sure want the crap kicked out of all the politicians they blame for making their vote meaningless.

The people who no longer think they can win in America will side with a guy even they don’t think can win, just to watch him strike the match and burn down all they feel betrayed them. And that, ironically, can give him staying power when coupled with his money.

5 thoughts on “A Potential Rationale for Supporting Donald Trump

  1. roho

    The “Donald” announced yesterday that his first choice for Vice President is “Oprah Winfrey”.

    Never underestimate the stupidity of a narcissist.

    They live in a parallel world.


  2. redphillips Post author

    Watch the video. Trump is making nice to Oprah, but it’s not really a serious conversation about who he would pick as his VP.


  3. hawthornecht

    Trump, unlike Ron Paul, won’t ask the depleted and poor ‘good folks’ for money to the extent the Paul Campaign squandered 10s of millions of ‘liberty’ ‘Old Right’ dollars and that has to be part of the analysis. Running a non-ideological Againstist campaign–which is what I think Trump wants to do–is a fine way to spend the next election season.


  4. redphillips Post author

    My thought is that we let him do his thing bashing the powers that be and not drop ideological bombs on him. I don’t see the point in attempting to tank him which I am already seeing on social media, but I’m not heavily invested in another candidate. I think some of the people who are going after him see him as a threat to their chosen candidate.


  5. hawthornecht

    What will be remembered about the Ron Paul Campaigns is that they exposed weakness in the Party structure; a large corporation, with incompetent over paid handlers, who spent it all on themselves (salaries, parties, friends/consultants) and never updated the technology behind, never updated the quality of local reps…that Street Theater, confrontation, in this media age is a winner, while having a talk to the average constituency meant nothing (see failure of Howard Dean.) Trump isn’t going to win the Republican nomination, but that is what makes it so interesting. The more he discredits the system, every day he is in the field, will give the creative, that much more time to think of another monkey wrench, some other work around, while he too benefits with branding.

    Interesting side note, Rand Paul is targeting ethnic politics–Germans in the Midwest.



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