The Growing Right-Wing Support for Ron Unz’s Minimum Wage Hike

Browsing VDARE, I stumbled upon part of an Unz article: “Rightwingers for Higher Wages”.

In the article, Unz brags that he started a revolution on the minimum wage position, but it took a couple years for the blogosphere to convert to the new position. Unz also notes that more widespread right-wing support would see a minimum wage hike’s passage. So, essentially it is red state that is blocking a hike.

My comments:

Originally when reading Unz’s proposal, I was concerned by Unz’s desire for higher quality immigrants. In the US: whites, Asians, and Jews possess the best jobs, because they are the most capable. These three groups make up the US elite. Among Americans, they possess the best genes for intelligence, and their ability grants them some amount of power and opportunity for power.

Mass immigration floods into the US millions of low-skill, likely low-quality workers. These immigrants vote for wealth redistribution, but they and their descendants lack the ability to move up the ladder.

The US will change with time, but largely those with ability and ambition rule over those who do not. I do realise, however, a Latino will more readily serve a capable Latino over a capable white.

If Unz’s minimum wage hike is passed, and the quality of immigrants into the US improves: There is a risk that high-quality immigrants will mix with high-quality white Americans, robbing us of those genes. And there is a risk that quality immigrants will move into the US elite, taking a larger share of power.

That said, Unz’s proposal is likely best for the US. Mass immigration continues unabated, and Unz’s proposal would slow the flow.

It’s depressing to think on how it has been the conservative movement that has unintentionally supported mass immigration all these years. Had we supported a minimum wage hike in the 1960s, the US demographic transformation would have been much slower.

Timing is another concern. The US economy is in poor shape today, and a minimum wage hike could precipitate, or be blamed for precipitating, an economic depression as the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act is blamed for the Great Depression. On the whole, trade tariffs and a minimum wage are both positives for the US, but timing and public perception matter.

What makes Unz’s proposal superior to direct immigration reduction is Unz is backed by the greed of America’s poor. They would support a minimum wage hike. So, to put it another way: Unz’s proposal is passable if only it can be explained to Red State America, whose interests it serves.

2 thoughts on “The Growing Right-Wing Support for Ron Unz’s Minimum Wage Hike

  1. weavercht Post author

    Steve Sailer wrote:

    Why not a $15 per hour minimum for non-citizens?

    Why not a $6 per hour minimum for teenage citizens? And a $9 per hour minimum for 20 to 22 year old citizens?


  2. roho

    All culture concepts off the table until whites recognize that:

    Blacks support Blacks.
    LGBT support LGBT.
    Latinos support Latinos.
    Jews support Jews.
    Whites support everybody.

    That is not a formula for success, and it is an obvious truth in the business world once you pay attention to the race mates showing up as each gains managerial power.



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