Carly Fiorina is Anti-Fast-Track!

Carly Fiorina gets right what Rand Paul and Ted Cruz get wrong. I find it interesting that the only two candidates (presuming Trump get in), as far as I know, that oppose fast-track are business people. Perhaps they understand that what sounds good in theory doesn’t actually work out that way in reality.

2 thoughts on “Carly Fiorina is Anti-Fast-Track!

  1. weavercht


    Washington Post has run repeated articles, for years apparently, worrying that globalisation is dying.

    Know hope!

    And China is trying to replace the US dollar, which would hurt our economy but perhaps begin the path towards healing, post-empire. Then China could play at world emperor for a century while we focus on more important things, like survival.

    If we can just defeat TPP and reduce immigration in the near-term…



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