I Keep Telling Y’all Donald Trump Has Decent Instincts

I think Trump’s basic instincts are mostly sound, if he’ll stick with them and not attempt to play too much to the war hawks.

Here he criticizes Pamela Geller for her rude and uncivil act of provocation, and he is right, unlike most of the yahoos I’m encountering on Facebook and elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “I Keep Telling Y’all Donald Trump Has Decent Instincts

  1. roho

    I do agree with his criticism of the NYNY Jewess Pamela Geller. As well as the agnostic “Geert The Blond” whom has visited Israel 40 times in 25 years according to Wikipedia? (At one point he even moved to a Kibutz (Socialist Plantation) in Israel?

    But they wish to have a “Christian Killing Provocation” in Garland Texas instead?

    The Northeast Khazars never miss an opportunity to create chaos in other parts.


  2. Kirt Higdon

    Lots of people consider Pamela Geller obnoxious, Red. Me, thee, roho, the New York Times, the IS, the SPLC, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Greta van Susterin, Justin Raimondo and yes Donald Trump. In fact, Geller’s supporters are pretty limited to the most rabid neocon warmongers and their media cheer leaders like Hannity. Everyone else has “decent instincts”.



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