4 thoughts on “Jon Jones Wanted on Felony Hit-and-Run Charges

  1. Kirt Higdon

    Jones is currently in police custody but apparently will get out on bail. But I doubt if the fight scheduled for May 23 with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson will take place. Interestingly, Chael Sonnen predicted prior to this drunk driving incident that the fight would never take place. I’m sorry about that because I was looking forward to seeing it. Alexander Gustafsson gave Jones the toughest fight of Jones’s career, but Rumble demolished Gus in just a couple of minutes of the first round. I think Rumble is probably the guy who could beat Jones, but now the fight will likely never happen. Sad to see Jones throw away such a promising career on booze and drugs.


  2. redphillips Post author

    Yeah, I remember Sonnen’s prediction, but I assumed he meant there would be a pos drug test. Jones likely left the scene of the crime because he knew he was intoxicated or high. He needs to get help. I knew leaving rehab after one day was a bad sign.


  3. roho

    He is a moneymaker for too many people.

    1. The victim will get some money.
    2. His lawyers will get some money.
    3. The DA will get some money.
    4. The Judge will get some money.
    5. And he will get probation and told to go make some more money.

    “In America justice flows from a check book”.


  4. Kirt Higdon

    Well, it looks like Dana and the Fertitta brothers finally had enough. Jones is stripped of his championship and suspended indefinitely from the UFC. As far as the money angle goes, Dana and his partners have to factor in the possible cost of lawsuits from other fighters and Jones’s victims, not only present but possible future with Jones on the loose and still having a driver’s license. Attorneys go for the deep pockets and that’s not Jones, it’s not even so much Dana; it’s the Fertittas, who have at risk not just the UFC but their casinos.



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