What’s Up With Christopher Ruddy?

Christopher Ruddy, if you don’t recall, was one of the main journalists who looked deeper into the alleged suicide of Vince Foster and didn’t accept the conventional wisdom at face value. Now he is defending the Clinton’s on the very shady Clinton Foundation issue. So this raises the question, was Ruddy a diversion to steer us away from a harsher truth when he was investigating Foster, or have the Clintons gotten to him since then so now he is playing nice? That this change in direction represents his honest feelings, while not totally implausible, seems less likely than one of the other explanations.

What think you Hawthorne?

3 thoughts on “What’s Up With Christopher Ruddy?

  1. hawthornecht

    Nothing more than money and the Scaife Trust guidance on how issues be addressed. Scaife was never hostile to the Clintons, and had cordial visits with them over the years so I am guessing it was written into the rules of the trust.

    If we look at the whole thing, Scaife funded several Beltway sorts to do muckraking, but when Bob Tyrell went rouge regarding Mena, suddenly, AmSpec had problems. Ruddy does the dance, apparently.

    From the entrepreneurial prospective, The Clinton Chronicles was generating big sales, as was Linda Thompson’s Waco VHS tapes, and the Clinton Death List is still the subject of Internet legend so it made sense, a player like Scaife might want to develop an asset in a changing media world.


  2. redphillips Post author

    Isn’t it bizarre that a supposed conservative and former “enemy” of the Clintons is now involved with their foundation? Maybe they have something on him. At any rate, it decreases the credibility of Newsmax as opposition press.



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