Please Rep. John Duncan, Run for President!

This article appeared today at The American Conservative. Read the article. It is excellent.

I have worked in Republican campaigns at the national state and local levels for over 50 years. And it saddens me to hear almost all the Republican candidates for President try to outdo each other in their hawkishness.

Based on the response I have gotten, I think it is a recipe for defeat if my Republican party becomes known as a party favoring permanent, forever wars—war without end.

2 thoughts on “Please Rep. John Duncan, Run for President!

  1. roho

    I’m afraid that “Nobody Candidates:” with nobody followings, will create nobody results?

    America is a nation of POPULIST?


  2. Augustinian

    Amen to Rep. Duncan! Why, why, why do “conservatives” believe bellicosity and saber-rattling are the true signs of being “conservative”?

    Never mind. It’s that inordinate influence from a certain Middle Eastern nation with six-pointed blue star on its flag.

    I’m afraid that stepping back from this precipice will only come after some major catastrophe.



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