Does Scott Walker Support Restricting Legal Immigration?

If so, then this is a hopeful development. Note that Walker says he has been learning from Sen. Jeff Sessions on the issue.

The problem with Republicans focusing on illegal immigration as if it is only a law and order issue, rather than a existential issue for the GOP, is that it has taken focus off the arguably more important issue of the massive levels of legal immigration. At least illegal immigrants can’t vote so we’ll postpone Republican national irrelevance a generation until their birthright citizen children can vote. Legal immigrants can potentially become citizens and vote for Democrats this generation, thus consigning the GOP to national irrelevance even sooner.

I’m not going to support Walker, but I’m inclined to be less hostile to him now.

4 thoughts on “Does Scott Walker Support Restricting Legal Immigration?

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  2. roho

    Unusually early, the Koch Brothers have stepped up and declared him the man? (I don’t know enough about him yet.) Perhaps Jeff Sessions knows more than myself?………….I hate it, but it looks to be a small army of GOP candidates?


  3. redphillips Post author

    I have my issues with the Koch Brothers, but all things considered, having the Koch Brothers behind him is better than having neocon money men behind him. It’s interesting to note that the Koch’s are not backing Rand.


  4. roho

    LOL!…….It’s 5/9/15 and a good friend of mine just called me after having surgery at some teaching hospital in MIAMI?………On the way home to Pensacola he said, “I hope I never see Miami again!”…………He was happy with the doctors, but horrified with the culture?…..He even met a Cuban/American that said, “Oh, if I ever get out of Miami I’m never coming back!”……..LOL!………..It is a third world cesspool just as TOM TANCREDO stated!



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