Germans March Against Globalism: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

On April 18th, thousands of Germans marched against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)*. A recent YouGov poll found 43% of Germans believing TTIP would be bad for Germany, versus 26% who believed it good.

The German Social Democrats (SPD), who are Chancellor Merkel’s coalition partners, appear especially split over the trade deal. From Deutsche Welle:

“Whoever whispers, lies,” and “No secret negotiations, stop TTIP,” reads a large banner stretched across a replica of the Trojan horse several meters high. The horse reflects their fear that the agreement would primarily serve the interests of industry and thus would seal the end of European consumer and environmental protection standards.

“Don’t be fooled when they tell you they could make TTIP more beautiful, socially conscious, environmentally friendly or democratic,” read a flyer that one protester pressed into the hand of everyone who passed him on the way to the SPD conference.

The most odious aspect of the TTIP is how supranational tribunals could actually enable a business to sue a national government, similar to what we already see with NAFTA. It is hoped that as an alternative to globalism, the sovereign state is again considered, with rulers who are not distant strangers of the ruled.

*Attac, which might have organised the march, seems to want alternative globalisation, not an alternative to globalisation. Nevertheless, any opposition might be welcome.

2 thoughts on “Germans March Against Globalism: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

  1. roho

    Unlike American sheep, the European citizen understands and embraces politics. (Especially Geopolitics, where the US sheeple study the Kardashians?) Ain’t nothing like sitting around the dinner table listening to Granny talk about how many Russian soldiers raped her in the last six months of WWII, and how the East German Police disappeared uncle Fritz because some neighbor hated him in 1962…………..Way more up to speed than us on Politics, and are quite aware of the UNITED STATES EMPIRE’S ACTIONS since WWII………Unlike Americans, they have no intentions of eating GMO farm products that increase the wealth of MULTINATIONAL INVESTERS, while killing the serfs?………..They want real food……….They see the idiot thinking of embracing a corrupt US Empire vs a Russian approach to peace through national negotiation that better both Nations. Marine Le Pen say’s it best:

    “Globalization Is Barbarous, Multinationals Rule The World-Marine Le Pen”

    Not so much NATIONALISM, but OLIGARCHS VS SERFS is the future, and all of these treaties such as this are about protecting the BILLIONARES of the world, and not the serfs!


    1. weavercht Post author

      I see Le Pen is also highlighting how the minimum wage is becoming the maximum wage, because immigration is driving it down. That’s a great article.

      In an ideal polity, there’d be trade protections and immigration restrictions to preserve wages. But we don’t live in such a society. In this society, big business hammers down wages with mass immigration. There would be less of a motive if the minimum wage were higher. And as Ron Unz has argued, a higher quality immigrant would enter under a higher minimum wage.



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