RIP, Rosco P. Coltrane

It’s a sad day for people of my generation. We have lost a great actor who played a great character on a great show. I sometimes do that “kuddy hutch hutch” thing that Rosco did, and my kids look at me like I’m insane. They will never know the pleasure of sitting down on a Friday night and watching the Duke Boys. I think one of the reasons I have such fond memories of the Dukes of Hazzard, besides the fact that it represents a time before the US had gone completely PC insane, was that it was one of the few shows that my dad would watch with me. Those were good times. You’ll be missed Rosco.

4 thoughts on “RIP, Rosco P. Coltrane

  1. roho

    At 62, I have to admit that I never watched the DOH?………I hate it that the Dude died, but, the DOH never held my attention?……………..Sorry?

    However, I did work with a guy named COPENHAGAN because of the snuff that he preferred, that once told me that “Lieing in bed, watching the DOH on Thursday nights was the joy of his life, while his wife brought him dinner in bed?”

    He later told me that his son had purchased a “KIMOSAVE” motorcycle, that actually turned out to be a KAWASAKI?…………………………DOH was not for mental giants?

    Sorry?……………….DOH was the “Gomer Pyle” of the decade?


  2. weavercht

    The General Lee. That show didn’t come on when I was growing up, but the episodes I’ve seen seem to teach good values, other than maybe some short shorts.


  3. Richard Channing

    I still enjoy watching the show with my kids. It’s wholesome fun. You can’t get that anymore. He was entertaining.



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